Day 8-9 (Monday and Tuesday)

I had Monday and Tuesday to check on people and buy things I needed but my plans were disrupted by car trouble. The first day I borrowed my sister Mary’s car and the big problem was that several people were not home and I couldn’t reach them.  But then on the second day, when I was to use my cousin Judith’s car, the alternator went out–and I didn’t.  A whole list of people didn’t get visited and I didn’t have a chance to buy a few things I wanted to take back to Cambodia.

Every year when I come home for the October board meeting, I pick up an order of liturgical books from the Office of Worship in Louisville, and that I was able to accomplish.
After the Office of Worship I was supposed to visit a priest friend but he was just starting mass so I planned to come back. From there I went to visit my Aunt Mary at the Little Sisters of the Poor. She just celebrated her 98th birthday.