Day 7 (Sunday)

Today had two focal points: an early morning meeting with my bishop and then a baby shower (the first one I’ve ever attended)!

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz has asked me to stop by and see him once a year when I am in the United States and I am very happy to do that. This year, because of his busy schedule, we met at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning!


Archbishop Kurtz and I met in the cathedral rectory, the building to the right of Cathedral of the Assumption located in downtown Louisville.


When I got back to the Davis house where I was staying, Mary Davis (L) and her daughters and son-in-law were preparing for a baby shower for a niece, Olivia. Here Sara helps Mary prepare some Harry Potter-themed decorations.


Sara’s husband Jordan worked with Bailey Davis to create a Harry Potter magic potions area in the house.


Finally it was time for Olivia (eight months pregnant) and her husband Cooper to open up the baby gifts the family had brought.


A whole range of Dittmeiers and in-laws were gathered for the celebration anticipating the birth in November of Olivia and Cooper’s son.


Our family is really blessed to be so harmonious and loving, really enjoying to get together with each other.