Days 10-12 (Wednesday to Friday)

This trip I was able to arrange a late afternoon Wednesday flight out of New York City so I could leave Louisville on Wednesday morning which gave me an extra half day in Louisville on Tuesday afternoon when I would normally have to fly to NYC for an overnight at the Maryknoll house there.  I left Louisville at 7:00 AM, flew to Charlotte, NC, and then to Newark where I picked up the United ticket back to Asia.


This was the view Wednesday morning as we flew out of Louisville heading into the sunrise on the East Coast.


In Newark we boarded this B777 for the 16-hour flight over the North Pole to Hong Kong.


In Hong Kong there was a change of planes and I landed in Bangkok Thursday evening at 11:00 PM after crossing the International Date Line, losing a day.  This is the airport in Bangkok on Friday morning as I waited to board for Phnom Penh.


Back in the Kingdom of Wonder with vistas not seen on the East Coast of the USA.


It doesn’t have the sleek lines of a Boeing 777 but this motorcycle wagon manages to carry a big load.


The End