Covid in Cambodia

The first COVID-19 infection was identified in Cambodia in January, 2020. In the next thirteen months, the number of infected persons increased to about 375 people. Most of them were foreigners who were tested at the airport upon arrival and were found to be positive.

Then on February 20th, four people escaped from quarantine in a hotel after bribing the guards. Two of the escapees were positive and moved around to many locations infecting quite a few others.
The numbers of infected people increased rapidly day by day.
Various apartment blocks, stores, restaurants, hotels, and other locations were closed and the people quarantined as the infections spread.
The infected escapees went to Sihanoukville on the coast and started a new cluster of infected people there, the first time that had happened.
Then last Tuesday a shipment of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived from India. This would supplement the original batch of Sinopharm vaccine that arrived from China several weeks ago.
Meanwhile the infections continued to spread in Phnom Penh and several other provinces.
While it took more than a year to get the first 375 COVID-19 infections, the number increased from 375 on 20 February to 980+ in just two weeks because of two irresponsible people. Cambodia seems to be in for a very difficult time.