COVID-19 Notes

Today was the first time I was out on the street in four days. I had to go across town to work with a homeless man. As I rode, I noticed the shops and stores that are open and those that are not open. The government has closed schools, tourist places, beer gardens, casinos, etc., but has said nothing about regular businesses and has encouraged the garment factories to keep working. It’s hard to know just what the official policy is, at least from my understanding, not being able to understand the Khmer broadcasts and newspapers.

Stores that were open

An exercise equipment shop and a restaurant
Thai Huot, a major supermarket

Places that were closed

An electronics shop
A Chinese restaurant

Closed or not?

The shutters are up but they have a row of traffic cones across the entrance…open or not?

Signs of the Khmer New Year

Some open businesses had displays honoring ancestors for the Khmer New Year last Monday.
A closed hotel with offerings outside
A little shop with a shrine out with the laundry