Closing Kampot Center

Because of decreased funding for 2020, the decision was made to close our Kampot center. The center was close officially at the end of January, 2020, and last week Prak Soeun, the DDP manager, and I went to Kampot and met with the now-unemployed staff to give them letters of recommendation and to say goodbye again.

We are maintaining a small education project in Kampot, for younger deaf children, and before we left Phnom Penh some of our older students boxed up some teaching materials for us to take with us.
These are the staff we met with in Kampot.
Roath Leakhena has been our Kampot Center manager for quite a few years. I first knew her when she worked for American Friends Service Committee in Kampot twenty years ago.
On the return trip we were taking furniture and equipment from the Kampot center back to Phnom Penh. Here Soeun takes apart a meeting room table.
Vandeth, our IT technician, takes apart a cabinet so it would fit better in the truck on the way back.