Christmas Culture at DDP (Part 2)

Last weekend we had a special day at DDP for the students to learn about and experience some of the ways different cultures celebrate Christmas. Last weekend pictures of morning activities were posted here. Today there are pictures of the afternoon activity which was making hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, something new to the students.

Julie Lawler, a Maryknoll Lay Missioner on the staff of DDP, was in charge of making the hot chocolate. First, students had to measure the right amount of milk.
Then they added the right amount of chocolate. The exercise was designed as a math lesson, too.
Then a few more ingredients were added to the mix.
While the chocolate was being heated, students started preparing icing for cookies baked earlier.
Showing the students how the icing was coming along.
Thuch Sophy gives the chocolate a good rating!
Choosing from the different colored icings and sprinkles.
Making decisions about the sprinkles for a topping.
When students had cookies and hot chocolate, they went to watch videos of Christmas stories told in sign language.
Then it was time for a Christmas game. Losers had their face smeared with powder!