Christmas 2017 #6

We received an unexpected telephone call this morning from the landlady of our Deaf Development Programme office in Boeung Trabek.  She said that she would like to bring some gifts over for the staff and students and we arranged for her to come at 2:00 PM.  What a surprise!  I had anticipated that she would bring some cookies or fruit, but she brought real gifts–shirts for the boys, dress material for all the girls, and even some KFC chicken burgers for everyone!  It was a delightful experience for us all!

When the landlady and her daughter and her helpers arrived they brought gift bags into the meeting room–and kept bringing in more and more!


The landlady’s daughter distributed gifts to the students who were probably getting a Christmas gift for the first time.


The landlady also presented a cash donation to Charlie Dittmeier and Prak Soeun from her family.  Korn Maly (L) was interpreting.


Then it was a time for our visitors to have a group photograph with all the Phnom Penh students and staff.


Charlie offered the landlady’s family and helpers special DDP khramas (cotton scarves) with our logo on them.


Then the KFC chicken burgers arrived and everyone had a tasty snack!


There were a lot of happy faces this afternoon. The students unexpectedly got out of class, got a gift, and experienced their first Christmas party!