Christmas 2017 #3

Every year the CMT gets together to decorate for Christmas. In previous years we decorated the sisters’ house but this year we decided to work on the Maryknoll office.

Our guard and Fr. Kevin heave the Christmas tree out of the box where it was stored for the last year up in the attic.  It’s actually quite heavy.


It is a huge, solid tree, and the task of decorating is a lot easier if it is done in a sequence learned from experience. Here Fr. Bob gives some directions.


The tree–given to us several years ago by a family returning to the United States–had hundreds of lights permanently wired on to the branches. They have never worked so this year it was decided to cut them out of the tree, a long and tedious task.  Len Montiel, Kevin, and Helene O’Sullivan wield the scissors.


While some put the tree together, Olga Pacumbaba and Bob hung wreaths on the windows.


Meanwhile, back in the dining room, elves (Mary, Hang, Dee, and Russ Brine) were at work decorating cookies.


Someone had won a gingerbread house and Hang Tran and James Havey assembled that.


Finally the tree was up and it was decided to hold off on the decorations for a day or two and eat pizza instead.  Ann Sherman and Len Montiel look for any missed lights still to be cut off.


The cookies were finished, too, and Mary Little, Dee Dungy, and Hang Tran showed off their handiwork.


Then it was time to sit and talk while waiting for the pizza: Mary Little, Kevin Conroy, Russ Brine.


Then it was time to eat, and everyone was ready!  (Hang, Ann, and James)