Hospital Day 10

Greetings… The surgeon said that I should be able to fly back to Phnom Penh on Friday or Saturday but that is because I am supposed to fly to the United States on Sunday! That is not a good arrangement but this unexpected surgery has complicated things. The photo is the incision on my side and the drain hole underneath it.

Hospital Day 5

I will be here at BNH Hospital in Bangkok for the next five nights. In a routine physical exam here, the doctor found a tumor on my kidney and wants to remove it. Surgery was to be the next day but the blood bank did not have my A-negative blood so they had to postpone the operation until the right blood type was found today. The surgery will be tomorrow (Saturday) morning. I will not be posting here for the next few days, but as soon as the anesthetic wears off I’ll try to get going again.

Hospital Hangout

I have spent a lot of time at BNH Hospital in Bangkok the last four days, putting in 4 to 7 hours each day as I went through a series of tests and examinations as part of my three-years delayed physical exam. The last exam I had at BNH (where all the Cambodian Maryknollers go) was July, 2019. It is a really pleasant hospital but also a highly rated one. There are a lot of good people here. One of the “people” is this floor-cleaning robot seen here on its “lunch break” in its charging corner.

Not again!

When I got my first passport in 1983 it had, I think, 40 pages and cost $15. After ten years when I got a new one, it cost $30. Then the third one was $80 or $90 and had only half the pages. Now this latest announcement from the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh raises the cost to $130! Ouch!