Seasonal Flooding

This is a view of the Cambodian countryside from the air as we approached Phnom Penh two days ago. The Tonle Sap River is on the left; the Mekong River goes across the top of the photo. Under the plane’s wing are large flooded areas. This is normal flooding every year but it’s lasting a little longer this year because the seasonal rains–normally ending in October–are still continuing. It actually rained again today, something relatively unheard of in this “dry” season.

What’s in YOUR Front Yard?

This is a picture of the front yard of the Maryknoll office in Phnom Penh.  Our guards–who are basically bored silly all day and night–grow different things throughout the year.  At present we have growing there a pineapple (yellow circle) and orchids (pink circle)—and the guard’s laundry on the rack on the right.  How many of you have orchids and pineapples growing in your yards?

Christmas Season 2017 #9

I wasn’t planning on any more posts about Christmas 2017 but yesterday–Christmas Day–it rained!  That is unheard of!  When I first came to Cambodia, the common wisdom was that the rainy season ended in October.  Through the years it has seemed to rain later and later in the year, and this year it rains on Christmas Day!  Call it climate change or whatever you want, but CHANGE is happening.

Topics: Wood #12

I did a series on the uses of luxury woods in Cambodia in February and then decided I had said enough about that for a while.  But when on the priests retreat recently, I noticed how much luxury wood was used in the church in Sihanoukville.  Click here to see some photos from the sanctuary.  Scroll down to No. 12.