“You want a straw with that?”

Here’s a truck loaded with about a gazillion straws.  It’s part of the culture here—probably because of an assumption that nothing you drink from is hygienic–that every drink is served with a straw.  You buy a Coke in a bottle, you get a straw.  You get an iced tea in a restaurant, you get a straw.  You order a glass of milk, a straw comes with it.  You buy a canned soft drink, a straw.  You buy a fresh coconut on the street, you get a straw.  This same truck loads up at the same shop 3, 4, 5 times a week.  They would put more on the truck but notice they are just now under the mass of wires above the load.

Lunar New Year—Day 3 — #6

Today is the last of the three days of official celebration according to Chinese tradition–although there are NO official public holidays in Cambodia for the lunar new year.  Many families either relaxed at home today behind the closed shutters of their shops or continued visiting relatives and friends.  Click here to see these last new year photos.

They get the point…

Most of the time most Cambodian men wear sandals rather than shoes.  When they do wear shoes, though, it’s not unusual to see them in long, pointy-toed styles that may have come from A Thousand and One Nights.