Br. Terry Heinrich Memorial

At our Saturday night celebration of the Third Sunday of Advent, we included a memorial to Marist Br. Terry Heinrich who died three weeks ago.  Bishop Olivier came to preside at this special liturgy which was also attended by about 40 students and staff from the LaValla School that Terry founded.

Two of the students from the LaValla School for children with physical disabilities carried his picture into the church and placed it before the altar.
In beginning his remarks for the memorial service, Bishop Olivier turned and addressed the LaValla students in Khmer.
After the gospel and homily, Bishop Olivier incensed Terry’s picture and blessed it with holy water before offering prayer commending Terry to God.
Br. Michael Herry led the LaValla students and staff in singing responses and two hymns in Khmer and Latin.
Fr. Charlie and Fr. Kevin assisted Bishop Olivier in the mass.
After mass there was time to greet and talk to the LaValla students. I am always most conscious that their time at LaValla School, where they are accepted and respected, will probably be the high point of their lives. Once they finish school and go back to their villages, many of them will face discrimination, abuse, even rejection.
Bishop Olivier is very generous with his time after participating in ceremonies and goes to meet and talk with the people who have participated.