Bangkok Trip, Day 2

Today was spent at BNH Hospital for my annual physical.  I was there from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  I was in about a million different departments and even got to one of them twice when they decided to do one test again.  I had had to fast overnight and ended up with a borderline reading so they decided to do the test again after I had been drinking water–a lot of water, to prepare for an ultrasound.  So exciting…

The bad part was that I never got to eat till 2:00 PM and that was just a bowl of rice congee.  I couldn’t eat before the blood work this morning and the tests just kept coming one after the other.  Then when I thought I could finish and head for Subway, they said I couldn’t eat anything except the rice porridge, in order to prepare for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.  Bummer.

When I got to the hospital this morning, I noticed that the grand piano they had had in the lobby was gone.  In its place was the rack of boxes for making contributions to various charities or good causes.  I was pleased to see there was a box for contributions for deaf work, although I couldn’t understand the English.
When I finished with the physical exam tests, I went to the Mirth Sathorn Hotel, just behind the hospital. I had to move from the Bangkok Christian Guest House because they didn’t have room for me the second night.
The Mirth Sathorn Hotel was quite a pleasant surprise. It was in my price range–cheap!—but it was quite elegant. I’ve never slept in a four-poster bed before!
The room was really tastefully appointed, with more than I needed for an overnight stay, and the best part was that it was just 200 feet from the hospital where I had the tests.