Not a good future for these birds…

Here is a cage with eight roosters in it. It was just on the sidewalk in front of a typical shophouse. The owner would be keeping them for cock fighting. They got into a few battles while I watched, just because there were too many of them in a cage designed for one rooster. Is it illegal? Cockfighting is, but these cages are out in the open everywhere.

Getting ready for graduation

Today at the Deaf Development Programme, deaf staff and Sign Language Project staff prepared a banner to be used for the graduation ceremony for sign language interpreters class next Friday. The banners have pictures of the present king and his father and mother and then the name and date of the event. Such banners are a mandatory part of every ceremony in Cambodia.

Changing times

Years ago this little house with a sloping roof might have been quite the thing: on a major street corner and even has concrete lower walls. Now it’s lost any allure it once had and is a sorry remnant of a former era. It’s surrounded by more modern buildings, it has a huge billboard stanchion right in front of it, and it’s rather decrepit. But it has an air conditioner!

By different names….

Today is a public holiday in Cambodia commemorating the invasion of Cambodia by Vietnamese troops to confront the Khmer Rouge and eventually to defeat them. The ruling Cambodia People’s Party hails this day as “Victory Day” but the opposition calls it “Occupation Day” because the Vietnamese, traditional enemies of Cambodia, stayed for ten years until the United Nations brokered their withdrawal and the erection of a new Cambodian government.

Limted Time Only

Tucked in among high-rises and modern buildings is this old traditional wooden house. Its days are probably numbered. Right now mom and dad are still there and make a little money selling a bit of sand and gravel, but when they are gone–whoosh! The kids will sell the land for another apartment block.

Easy Rider

Cambodia children start riding motorcycles–in their mother’s arms–from the week they are born so they are used to it and comfortable with that mode of transportation. This woman certainly seems casual about her ride.

Changes in the Education Project

Today Srey Mom started her new job as school counselor and moved her desk into the office of the Education Project which meant rearranging everything and moving some materials out of the office. Here the education staff ponder the placement of cabinets and tables while Srey Tin cleans up some of the books to be stored.