Mango Season

When the weather doesn’t change throughout the year and there are no sports seasons and the trees don’t shed leaves, one of the few indicators of time are the seasonal fruits.  And now it’s mango time!  Hooray!   IMHO, this is one of the best parts of Cambodia.  I was never really exposed to mangoes before I came to Asia but they have become a much-appreciated new part of my diet when they’re available.

What’s Going On?

Jim McLaughlin, former Maryknoll Lay Missioner in Cambodia and a frequent visitor here as he continues his microbiology work in the kingdom, spotted this suspicious vehicle on Phnom Penh streets.  What kind of nefarious V Ice is going on in the back of this truck?  It must be hot stuff since it’s a refrigerated truck but there could be many different kinds of mobile v ice.

St. Vincent de Paul Society: 400th Anniversary

In 1617 St. Vincent de Paul began forming groups, mostly of women, to serve the poor in his region of France.  He was joined by St. Louise de Merillac and their ministry spread, not only throughout France but around the world.  Now more than 260 groups trace their origin to St. Vincent de Paul  and basically every Catholic parish has a St. Vincent de Paul Society group to serve their local area.  This is a large number of the St. Vincent de Paul Society members in our English-speaking Catholic community in Phnom Penh—a wonderful group of committed Christians filled with compassion and love for those who need help.  This month the Cambodian Catholic Church has been celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian movement.

DDP Staff Wedding

DDP has a young staff and we are always having weddings of the staff, here in Phnom Penh and in the provinces.  The latest one was Mr. Heng Ravy, our Job Training Project assistant, who married Ms. Roeun Srey March.

Before the wedding: A Cambodian wedding, even a Catholic wedding, is quite different from a Catholic wedding in the United States.  Here is the sanctuary prepared for the ceremony.
Before the wedding: No organ for these weddings.  They usually do have an electronic keyboard and guitar but this one also had these traditional percussion instruments to accompany a blessing dance that was part of the event.
The ceremony lasted nearly two hours with various cultural additions.  Finally when it was over many of the congregation gathered for a group photo with the newly married couple.
Ravy the groom is our staff member and afterwards the DDP staff who were present posed with Ravy and Srey March.  The two women on the right are the only Catholic members of the DDP staff.