Australia: March 1-2

There were no school visits scheduled today also, just taking care of odds and ends to get myself ready for the return trip to Phnom Penh.

This morning Deacon Paul Reid picked me up at the cathedral and we went to the Caritas Australia office in the Highgate area.  I had a radio interview at 10:30 AM with a Sydney-based program, Hope FM.  The presenter Duane Jefferies and I talked for 20 minutes about Cambodia and the Deaf Development Programme.  The show will be broadcast on Sunday, 4 March 2018.  If you’re interested, Google “Open House Hope FM” and download the podcast.

Then Paul got me back to the cathedral where I had lunch with the rectory staff there. L-R: Fr. Peter, Fr. Don, Fr. Connor, Fr. Jeffey, and Fr. Stephen. A great bunch of guys! Archbishop Fisher had said he would join us but got called to one of his archbishop duties.

My flight to Singapore wasn’t until 1:00 AM so I used the rest of the afternoon to finish packing and do some computer work, and then headed to the airport at 10:00 PM.   You don’t get much sleep on a five-hour flight, especially when they want to serve you breakfast an hour and a half before you land.

It was another two hours from Singapore to Phnom Penh and then I was back on the familiar streets of Phnom Penh where people think lane lines are meant to be straddled.  That’s for real!  I’m not kidding!  No one drives inside the lane lines unless forced there.