Australia: February 19

This morning Cristina Gomez picked me up at Canisius Hall and drove me to the airport and that marked the end of my time in eastern Australia.  I flew to Perth and was taken to the rectory of the cathedral where I would stay for the next three nights.

I had a morning flight that took 4 1/2 hours to cross Australia, traversing four time zones.
I was met at the airport by Deacon Paul Reid, the diocesan director for Caritas Australia, and he took me to the rectory of St. Mary’s Cathedral where I was to stay. Upon arrival we stopped in the church as we passed by and Paul explained about its renovation and enlargement.
Deacon Paul Reid, Caritas Australia’s diocesan director in the Perth Archdiocese.
The cathedral is a 19th century structure that was renovated and expanded 20 years ago. It is a beautiful spot with a clear sky and bright sun and colorful flowers.
This is an upstairs corridor in the cathedral rectory where I stayed. Like the church it is a beautiful old building and has been recently renovated.