Australia: February 17-18

This weekend was spent mostly at Canisius Hall in Pymble, New South Wales.  On Saturday evening I went to Manly for the evening mass at St. Mary’s Church and on Sunday morning and evening I had three masses at Sacred Heart Church in Pymble.

At Canisius Hall, the Jesuits have created a labyrinth as a prayer aid for people making retreats there.
Saturday night after the mass at St.Mary’s Church in Manly, Adrian and Cristina Gomez (left) and another young couple were discussing social justice issues.
Then the Gomez family (Sophia, Adrian, Cristina, and Julian) took me down to the Manly beach where we ate fish and chips.
On Sunday Cristina picked me up at Canisius Hall–twice–and drove me to Sacred Heart Church for the morning and evening masses.