Australia: February 16

Today there were five presentations to students in three schools.  A most interesting day with really good people.  It is hard to believe the interest in social justice that is exhibited by these students and their teachers and the whole school administration.  Wonderful!

Today I switched from the Parramatta Diocese to the Broken Bay diocese after a series of presentations about Cambodia and Project Compassion to students. This is the Canisius Hall in Pymble where I arrived to stay.
The first school we visited was St. Leo’s College in Waitara. The firs session was in this drama room with students in grades 7 to 12.
The second presentation at St. Leo’s Catholic College was held here in an old chapel that is now used as a meeting or conference room.
Then it was on to St. Pius X Catholic College in Chatswood where there were two talks for Grade 10 students and Grade 9 students.
The final talk of the day was to Grade 10 students at Mercy Catholic College, also in Chatswood.
Then it was back to Canisius Hall for supper in their dining room.