Australia: 9 February

One of the major donors of the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme is Caritas Australia, the Australian arm of the Catholic Church’s international aid and assistance outreach.  To help Caritas Australia raise money at home, they invited Charlie Dittmeier to come and speak in various Australian Catholic dioceses, parishes, and schools.

Today was the beginning of that trip with a night flight to Singapore and Sydney.

Friday morning I went to get my beard trimmed. Partly that was because I needed it and partly it was to get new pictures to show Caritas Australia because they fund this job training project.
Three of our deaf barber trainees with their uniform shirts with the Caritas Australia logo.
An unexpected event was the arrival of a group of deaf people from Korea.
Finally it was time to go to the Phnom Penh airport. There was a display set up for the lunar new year (Februrary16) in one of corridors.
My flight was from Phnom Penh to Singapore, about two hours.
I only had 1.5 hours in Singapore and then it was boarding time at gate B1 for the eight-hour flight to Sydney.