Asia South Meeting–2

Today was the full day of the Asia South meeting held in Bangkok. Here are different scenes from the day, mostly from outside the meeting room at the Bangkok Christian Guest House.

The Bangkok Christian Guest House offers breakfast with the room and this morning I met Fr. Bill McIntire from Bangladesh (standing) in the dining room.
This morning no coffee or snacks had been arranged for the morning break so Br. Tim Raible (above) and I walked over to the nearby 7-11 where Tim bought several coffees and some pastries.
One interruption that caught everyone’s attention during the meeting was the arrival of a crew fogging the BCGH grounds with an insecticide to eliminate mosquitoes which are causing an outbreak of dengue fever in Thailand.
Usually we have a liturgy as part of our meetings and today, for a change of pace, we went over to the Carmelite Convent around the corner to borrow their chapel for our prayer.
This is the crew that gathered for the Asia South meeting this year: (L-R) Fr. Bill McIntire (Bangladesh), Fr. Joe Thaler (Nepal), Br. John Beeching (Thailand), Fr. Kevin Conroy (Cambodia), Br. Tim Raible (Thailand), Fr. Charlie Dittmeier (Cambodia).
This evening after eating at the guest house Joe Thaler and I walked over to a nearby department store where Joe can buy things he can’t get in Nepal.