April Board Meeting Trip–2-4 May

I got up early on Tuesday at the 39th Street Maryknoll house to take one of the first buses to LaGuardia.  The airport is undergoing major reconstruction and the traffic problems there have been tremendous but I arrived in 25 minutes as usual. Then I got a 2.5-hour flight to Chicago and then a 16-hour flight to Hong Kong and then a 3.5-hour flight to Bangkok where I spent the night on the F Concourse.  It was Wednesday night in Bangkok after crossing the International Date Line.  On Thursday morning I got a 1-hour flight to Phnom Penh to end this journey back in the Kingdom of Wonder.


Going through the Midtown Tunnel to the LaGuardia Airport at 6:40 AM.
From LaGuardia we went to Chicago and then to Hong Kong where we crossed the South China Sea to Bangkok.
I had to spend the night at the Bangkok airport–my usual pattern–and this time I chose the F Concourse because it had no departures after 1:00 AM.
This little corner at the end of the concourse is where I slept. The little sheet I got in Delhi years ago and I carry it when traveling for when the air conditioning is too cold while I’m sleeping and to keep the light out of my eyes. Or as a ground cloth if I have to sleep on the floor.
Finally at 8:40 AM I was back in Phnom Penh where the streets look a little different from those of Manhattan.