Annual Staff Meeting

Travel Day

The sun wasn’t up yet when we gathered before 6:00 AM on the street near the DDP office. The street to the office is too narrow for the red bus so it stopped at the corner.
DDP tries to observe the anti-coronavirus precautions and one of the staff checked everyone’s temperature as we got on the bus.
Two hours into the trip, we stopped for breakfast.
Another hour or two along the way, we stopped at a famous shrine on the road south, and two of the staff made offerings.
After another interval, it was time to stop for lunch. This is a typical eating establishment: you get a plate of rice and then a bowl of the cooked food from one of the pots.
Some of the staff at the back of the bus. The trip was 180 miles (300 kms.) and took eight hours, a bit quicker than we anticipated.
Because of the size of our group, we stayed in two different hotels. This is the smaller group in the Koh Kong City Hotel as we prepared to walk to the place for supper.
When we arrived at the restaurant, Sokly (red shirt), our director, gave a one-hour presentation. Luckily we brought our own lights to use on the interpreter in a really dark room. Otherwise the sign language would have been difficult to see.
Then it was time for a hot pot supper, cooked at the table.