Annual Staff Meeting – 5

Many of the staff had never been to Mondulkiri Province, near the Vietnamese border in the northeast of Cambodia and the organizers made sure that the group got to see some of its most scenic places. Of particular interest were the hills or “mountains” as they are known here.

A scenic hilltop is located just outside of the town of Mondulkiri and was our first stop.
Never waste an opportunity for a group photo!

The next stop was a more developed site, still close enough to the town for houses to be much in evidence.
And of course there were the photos.

Next was the site called “Forest Sea.” Some of us were reflecting that for some of the staff, seeing these hills and forests is similar to people from the U.S. Midwest seeing the ocean for the first time.

To me the most impressive of our nature stops was this magnificent waterfall. It is the most scenic bit of nature that I have seen in Cambodia.

Our final stop for the day was a hilltop reachable only by a really muddy and rutted dirt track that turned into a steep path down into a deep valley.
After descending into the valley the group climbed the other side to the top of the ridge which is this huge rocky outcrop.