Annual Staff Meeting – 4

Two days of the trip were for traveling and one and a half days were for meetings.

Our work time started off with the “premiere” of a video featuring all the DDP staff.
Then the different projects gave short reports on the past year and their plans for the future. This is the Education Project.
Next up was the Job Training Project.
In the middle of the morning we had a break with a type of fresh-fruit smoothie made by the center staff.
Then the Deaf Community Center staff spoke of their activities.
The Sign Language Project spoke of the work of the sign language teachers and interpreters.
It was not hard to pay attention in this setting. The meeting room was quite suitable for the type of gathering that we had.
Next was Solydem (with the microphone) talking about what is happening in our Kampong Cham center.
And of course we had a group photo!