Annual Staff Meeting

Day 2 (Part 1)

Today was all sightseeing and just enjoying being together.

Maly and Kimhorn at a restaurant that became a favorite breakfast place.
We then bused to a center where we could catch boats for the three-mile trip to TaTai Waterfall.
This was the first view of the waterfall as we can around a bend in the river.
We needed four boats for our group. There is no dock at the falls and getting out of the boats and through the jungle is rather difficult, especially when we’re carrying our food and other equipment.
Here are four of the staff sitting in water near the top of the falls.
Here is a different perspective, without the telephoto lens.
Others gathered to play in the water at a lower level of the falls.
Then it was lunch time on the rocks, more shrimp and crabs.
In the afternoon we bus to an ecotourism site set up in a mangrove forest.
Mangrove trees are one of nature’s really interesting flora.
At the end of the trail through the mangrove swamp, there is a suspension bridge taking visitors to an observation tower.
On the return trip, we took a boat from the observation tower back to the park center. It offered a view of the mangrove forest from the water where the roots are not visible.