Annual Staff Meeting – 3

Angkor Forest is a resort/meeting center that covers a hilltop in Mondulkiri Province. It’s a real hill, too!

A little lake near the area for parking the buses.
There are more than 40 cabins and other types of housing on the grounds. These little bungalows slept two people each.
I guess because I am the boss, I was assigned to a unit like this, a concrete structure made to look like a tree with monkeys hanging on to the outside. I had the downstairs room and there was another room above accessed from farther up the hill
Going anywhere on the grounds meant going up and down hill. There is no level ground in the whole center. And it was about a city block to walk up the hill from the cabins to the dining room and meeting room. The smaller trees on the right are coffee trees.
At the top of the hill were various rooms and shelters, connected with paths and stairways, along with the dining room and our meeting room.
These stairs led to the area where we would eat breakfast.
The breakfast dining area.
A path to another dining room and meeting area.
Our meeting “room,” actually an open shelter–perfect for ventilation during this time of pandemic.