Annual Staff Meeting

Day 1

This day was a mixture of a little bit of business and a lot of fun, all at the beach because hotels would not rent their meeting rooms because of Covid-19 precautions.

People are always taking pictures and this group was at it at breakfast time near an anchorage.
Our bus time today was minimal compared to yesterday. It took us about twenty minutes to get to our first stop.
We went first to a small stupa built onto a small solid rock island connected to the mainland by a causeway. There is a partly historical, partly mythological tale of two warriors connected with the site.
Then it was a ten-minute jaunt to the beach on the sea where we spent the rest of the day. Here Keat Sokly explains the day’s program after we arrived.
We started off with a game. The larger crowd was divided into three groups who competed with each other throughout the day. Their first challenge was to assemble and get into the air a kite.
Next the groups separated to different little shelters to do some work, looking at changes and revisions in DDP policy.

Each group gave a short report of their discussions. [This is a first attempt to include a video on this website. Will it work? I have to learn how to take out the audio, full of wind noise.]

Lunch time, all seafood.

There were three games after lunch: the first was each team trying to race while moving inside a large plastic loop; the second was one person taking a large T-shirt off a first person and sliding it on to a second person while they held hand and passing it down the line; the third was pouring a cup of seawater over the shoulder to the end of the line to fill a bucket. Fun!

Then it was free time for a couple hours. Some went swimming although there was a 15-knot wind that made things really chilly. Russ Brine tried his hand with one of the kites.
Then it was time for supper, a seafood barbecue that was very popular.