Annual General Staff Meeting: 15 November

The dining pavilion at the Metta Karuna Reflection Center.
The Kampot Province DDP team in a small group discussion about the challenges they face there.
Another small group discussion about challenges.

After lunch we had one more report from small groups and then we had a tearful farewell to some of our staff in Kampot Province who will lose their jobs with DDP at the end of December because of budget cuts because of reduced funding from some of our major donors.

Then there was a panel discussion, or really, a question and an answer session in which the staff could address questions to the management team about anything.

I couldn’t get pictures of those activities because I was involved.  I asked someone to use my camera but somehow he didn’t get any pictures.

Then our last official act for the day was to award certificates and pins recognizing staff for 5, 10, and 15 years of service.
We have had a good number of loyal staff over the years as this group who received service certificates indicates.

We then took a group photo of all the staff but again the pictures on my camera were no good.  After that almost the entire staff went running off to Angkor Wat.  Some of our staff had never been there before and it was really wonderful to provide them the opportunity to see their national treasure.

From Angkor Wat the staff then went into the tourist center of Siem Reap and ate and just walked around to enjoy the stalls and shops and night life there.