ADCC 2 — 30 November

Today was my last day at ADCC 2 although everyone else was leaving the next day, on Saturday.  I had to get back for the masses on the weekend in Phnom Penh.

Every breakfast at Maryridge was a happy social event.
It wasn’t only at breakfast that old friends got caught up and new friends were acquired.
When the morning’s program got started, at the prayer time Thomas from Singapore proclaimed a scripture reading.
The people “in the pews” responded to the prayer petitions that were offered.
The first talk of the morning was on adapting liturgy to the deaf community and it was given by Autencio.
Then Fr. Park Min Seo spoke about how we see Jesus in our lives. Here he involves two of the men from Thailand as he makes a point.
At lunch time I had to leave to head back to Manila. I got a local bus that made the trip in about four hours. At one stop, this man got on selling some kind of “pie,” something like a pizza, I believe.
Arriving in Manila in the late afternoon, I stayed at the same hotel where I slept on the way to the conference. Then at 4:15 AM I headed to the airport and flew to Kuala Lumpur where they had this display of aircraft models. From there it was another two hours to Phnom Penh and my trip was over.

the end