2017 Priests Retreat–Wednesday

It rained heavily during the night and there was still a light rain this morning as the guys left the chapel and walked over to eating area.
The remnants of the breakfast crowd as others left to prepare for the first talk of the day.  The priests at the retreat this year come from fourteen different countries.

Bishop Sebastian Francis giving the morning talk about reconciliation leading to communion which we celebrate in the eucharist.

Before mass two of our musical members and one of the Dominican Sisters ministering in Sihanoukville prepared music for the liturgy.
The liturgy today was put together by the clergy from the Kampong Cham diocese in central Cambodia.
After mass today, while everyone was still vested, we were asked to assemble in front of the chapel for a group photo, a long-standing tradition.  The dog always seems to get in the picture also.
This evening after supper there was a reconciliation service combined with eucharistic adoration.