2017 Priests Retreat–Saturday

We had a change of schedule this morning–mass was at 6:30 AM instead of before lunch–so everyone could get an early start on their return journey. The presiders today were (L-R) Bishop Antony, Bishop Sebastian, Fr. Totet (standing in for Bishop Kike), and Bishop Olivier.


Then we had our last breakfast together.


At 8:15 AM I was standing on the main road at the foot of the hill by the sign noting the location of the only Catholic church in Sihanoukville. I had bought a ticket for a bus that would pick me up here but there was some confusion so one of the priests drove me into the town where I met the van there.


Almost immediately once we got on the highway, we encountered large mobile demonstrations for the political parties who today began their two weeks of campaigning for the local level elections on June 4.
The return trip to Phnom Penh was 5 hours instead of the nearly 6 hours it took to get to Sihanoukville on Monday. We had a stop after a couple hours and vendors were selling these fruits. The rambutin on the left I know but the one of the right I’m not familiar with.

The End