2017 Priests Retreat–Friday


The simple table in the room has the essentials plus a little: bug spray for the mosquitoes, two bottles of drinking water, two rolls of toilet paper (they don’t use it in the bathrooms), and a little flower with a vase made from a cutdown plastic bottle. Out of sight is another essential: candles for when the electricity goes off.
The rooms are quite adequate for retreats and other gatherings where people need accommodations at a reasonable price.
The rooms are simple but spacious with a closet and a toilet.
The toilet doesn’t have a water tank but is flushed by a bucket filled with water from the shower hose.
The liturgy today was organized by the new priests from the last two years.
At lunch, the last full meal we would eat at the center, Bishop Olivier thanked the kitchen crew and gave them gifts.
When he finished his afternoon talk, the last of the retreat, Bishop Sebastian was thanked and received a gift from Bishop Olivier.
At the end of the afternoon, Fr. Gianluca explained new booklets of bible stories that are now available in Khmer.
Then after evening prayer, all of us piled into various vehicles for the trip to the Don Bosco Hotel for supper.
As usual the food at the Don Bosco Hotel was excellent, prepared by students studying to enter the hospitality industry.