Daily Life in Cambodia

Computers on the Street

25 November 2012

Because of its slower development because of the years of warfare and because of environmental factors like the lack of electricity in 80% of the country, technology has developed at a different pace in Cambodia. By the time Cambodia was ready to acquire telephones, the technology was already past the landline stage so Cambodia became the first country in the world where mobile phones outnumber landlines. There are only 22,000 landlines in the kingdom.
Likewise with computing. MANY people in Cambodia now have smartphones and many have access to desktops at home or with their friends. The larger investment for a desktop is beyond many families, however, so when they can't get their own computer, the computers come to them in a manner of speaking, and there are computer stalls along the streets of the towns where people can download files and music and videos, acquire ringtones, and get their smartphones cracked.

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