Internet Problems

23 August 2008 is a local Internet Service Provider in Phnom Penh that provides Net access for the Deaf Development Programme office building and for Charlie Dittmeier's house. Both accounts were set up using WiCam, a microwave-based service using small indoor antennas, the size of a cigar box, that sit in the room with a computer.

Recently a satellite TV operation moved their satellite operations to the same frequency as the Internet services and severely disrupted access to the Internet. AngkorNet successfully appealed to the Cambodian telecommunications ministry but the problems were not quickly resolved so AngkorNet has had to change our Net access.

At the Deaf Development Programme, the microwave system was changed to ADSL because we have a landline telephone there. But at our house where there is no phone line, AngkorNet had to install an external microwave antenna for a system using a frequency not blocked by the television satellite.

Erecting an antenna pole
A five-meter metal pole was set up to raise the new antenna high enough to connect with the AngkorNet base station.
Attaching a microwave antenna
The new small microwave antenna, supposedly temporary, replaced a smaller antenna previously located in the house.

At the DDP office, installing the new ADSL connection meant that an AngkorNet technician needed to reconfigure our whole office network. We use two wireless routers to cover the five floors of our building. Internet technician at DDP

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