House Cars

Most of the shops in the "shop houses" of Cambodia have their counters and equipment on rollers. That is so at night they can push their counters and stock off to one side and bring the car and motorcycles in to the middle of the shop. It doesn't make any difference what kind of shop. There are no health laws so having a car in a doctor's office or pharmacy or a bakery is nothing to be concerned about. Here are pictures of vehicles in different types of establishments.

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SUV in a bakery
A bakery
Car in a sewing goods shop
A sewing goods shop

A doctor's clinic
The car is out so the doctor is in...
Car in a pharmacy
...but the pharmacy isn't open yet

A pharmacy shop
Another pharmacy
An auto parts shop
An auto parts shop

A sewing machine shop
A sewing machine shop
A silk shop
A silk cloth shop

A mobile phone shop
A mobile phone shop

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