Traffic: Driving against Traffic

31 March 2010

Cambodian drivers do not share the Western need for driving only on one side of the road.  Part of almost every journey on a motorcycle taxi involves driving the wrong way on some street, and cars also have no hesitation for driving in the wrong lane, against traffic. Small, medium, and big trucks and motorcycles flaunt the law and logic as well as the cars, even on streets with a concrete divider erected to prevent just that.  Local drivers would not understand at all our compulsion to drive only one way on each side of the road.

Driving the wrong way on a street Driving against traffic
Taking over a lane The most infuriating instance of drivers on the wrong side of the road is when they take over a whole lane. This small road basically has two lanes in each direction. There is another lane of traffic on the left of the blue and white trucks coming toward the camera. But the cars on the right can't be bothered to wait so they just take over the opposing lane, forming a third lane coming at the camera. Of course they then encounter the cars going in the proper direction in that lane and everything stops. It is totally insane.
Truck going the wrong way Medium truck going the wrong way
Big trucks going the wrong way Motorcycles going the wrong way
Wrong way on divided street Car going wrong way
Turning left from wrong lane

Not only in the wrong lane but preparing to pass in an intersection.

Turning left from wrong lane

Motorcycles taking over the opposing lane to turn left.

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