Traffic: No Lanes

30 March 2010

Drivers in Cambodia have a real problem with lanes.  Or more correctly, they have no problems with lanes because they don't even know they exist.  I am certain a good percentage of the driving population believes lanes are street decorations.  The rest of the driving population just ignores them.

Crossing the lines

Single lines, double yellow lines, oncoming what?

Out of the lane

Tuk-tuk straddling the line

Tuk-tuk drivers straddle the lanes, too

Straddling the line

Straddling the line Straddling the lines
Over the lines

The driving practices are somewhat understandable if one takes into account two basic driving principles here: [1] a driver should never stop so if there is some obstacle in his lane, he just goes wherever there is an open space but keeps moving; and [2] people drive the way they walk.  Do you stay in lanes on the sidewalk?

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