Women's Day -- 2002

8 March 2002

Loading rice given by the queen Several hundred women visited with the Cambodian Queen on International Women's Day. Each received a bright T-shirt and received several gifts from the queen. As the ones most responsible for and concerned about where the next meal is coming from, probably the most appreciated gift was 110 pounds of rice given to each woman. Here workers unload sacks of rice from the blue royal truck and put them on the truck which will also carry the women to various villages.
Rice stacked up at CDPO Sacks of rice for women with homes in the city were stacked up in the courtyard of CDPO. How they got them home, I don't know, but the women here are nothing if not resourceful, and in a few hours all the rice was moved out, most of it probably riding a motorcycle doubling like a pick-up truck.
Talking about the day Many women, especially women with disabilities, find themselves disrespected and isolated, so when they have the opportunity to get together, they make the most of it. Here a group of ladies hunker down in the shade while waiting for transport back home. The woman in pink on the right is sitting on another gift from the queen: a plastic carrier stuffed with a skirt, a khrama (an all-purpose scarf), a blanket, a mosquito net--and one can of 7-Up!

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