Cambodian Water Festival

11-13 November 2008


How the Foreigners Celebrate

Foreigner talking to a vendor Some of the foreigners and tourists are right in the middle of the crowds, like this young woman talking to a vendor.

Backpackers join the crowd These three backpackers aren't afraid to mingle with the locals right on the front lines.

On a street closed? to traffic These foreigners opt for the less-crowded road. The Cambodian people haven't mastered the idea of a vehicle-free road so the pedestrians were dodging motobikes like this one and numerous cars with official license plates.

Probably the most advertized and most popular viewing place for the foreigners is the Foreign Correspondents Club's upper floors where you get both the view and a gin-and-tonic.

Maryknoll Special!

Many Maryknollers who have been here for years really haven't seen much of the boat races so this year Adel O'Regan (pink shirt) rented a hotel room on the waterfront and invited the Maryknollers and associates for a viewing party!

Adel, Anne, and Lisa
Two lay missionaries from the Philippines and Lisa Pirie (blue shirt) relax on the fifth-floor room's balcony.

Philippines lay missionaries and Lisa Pirie
Adel and Anne Sklenars from New Zealand have the balcony to themselves during one slow time during the day as missioners came and went.

Anne Sklenars and Adel O'Regan
A young tourist couple watch from a balcony One young couple, probably tourists, watch the people and the boats from their upper-floor balcony.

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