Cambodian Water Festival

11-13 November 2008


The Vendors: Souvenirs

Selling necklaces and pendants
Catching the people just as they arrive at the waterfront is this young boy selling necklaces and pendants of beads and polished bone.

Trinkets made of bone and teeth This man is selling hand-carved trinkets fashioned from animal bones and horns and teeth.

Selling headbands and crowns
This woman offers colorful headbands and leis.

These boys are inspecting--and testing--bamboo flutes and other toys.

Cambodian people generally protect themselves from the sun and seem especially sensitive to it. Note the girl on the left. These boys negotiate for their festival hats.

This man is selling gold and silver chains for necklaces for those who want to go home with a souvenir that they will keep for a long time.

What the woman on the right is selling isn't visible but it's obviously more interesting to these children than the hard-boiled eggs.

For the younger set, a bright pink blow-up toy is perfect!

This girl's mobile phone is more interesting than the blow-up toys and kites and peanuts.

These people are looking at all sorts of clothing piled up on the sidewalk.

If it's make-up you want, these ladies have it!

And right down the sidewalk, these women offer the chance to walk home in a new pair of sandals.

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