Cambodian Water Festival

11-13 November 2008


The Vendors: Food

Food is a part of every human gathering and celebration, and part of the attraction of the Water Festival is the infinite variety of fruits and vegetables--and now packaged snacks--that are available. Selling food is also one of the most dependable ways to earn a little money in an informal economy. Anyone who has an idea, a recipe, and some money borrowed from the neighbors to buy the ingredients can sell some sort of snack.

Moving to a better location
A mother-daughter team

Colorful fruits More sandwiches made with baguettes
More baguette sandwiches Packaged snacks and baguettes
Anyone call sell any food item and there are no restrictions or health codes or regulations. Hygiene is a foreign concept, literally and metaphorically, in Cambodia.

Drinks to go with the food Vendors lane
Two carts moving to better locations Aerial view of the vendors on the curb
 A corn-on-the-cob mobile Trimming pomelos for the customers
Mother and son selling a fried cake A rather laidback vendor
Fresh sliced fruits Come here for a sit-down meal!

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